The last movie I watched was Crazy Stupid Love. I've watched it about 5 times since it's one of my favorites. It also stars one of my favorite actresses, Emma Stone. It's a romantic comedy starring Emma Stone, Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. Nothing more than an enchanting light comedy of romantic confusion. It's a movie that understands love because it understands pain.

     Steve Carell gave a ruefully funny performance. The movie is full of moments to savor. It's way better than your average romantic comedy. The cast was amazing as well! It was absolutely hilarious. Another thing I loved was that it was keeping it real. The movie was realistic but it had an edge of humor that made it enjoyable.

    The movie taught about how love has its ups and downs but whatever happens, love always prevails. It showed love from the perspectives of the different characters of all ages. It's a shame the other actors don't fare as well. Emma Stone and Julianne Moore were solid characters but oddly underused. But, I still loved the movie.

    xx Stephanie

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