This was a play written in the 50's and earlier today, we watched the Blue Tag 3.0 do their own adaptation of this Filipino classic. They did a wonderful job, making the different characters come alive in the eyes of the audience. The whole audience was full of laughter because of their amazing performance.

    My favorite character was Kikay's little brother, played by Robert, because of his comedic performance. He made everyone burst into laughter, only after a few seconds he appeared in the scene.

    Kikay, who is the main character, just came back home to Tondo. She spent a year studying in New York and she has completely changed. From the way she dresses to the way she talks, her own mother, Aling Atang didn't even recognize her as they saw her in the airport. As the story progresses, you will see the love affairs among Kikay, Totoy, Nena and Tony.

    It is such a hilarious play! Not only is it funny, but it teaches all of us its central theme: "there is no place like home." No matter where you go, home is where the heart is. We learn lessons about love and culture. It is definitely a must watch.

    xx Stephanie

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