by - 12:50 AM

Today, I wanted to get some sun and go out for a swim. But, it was four in the afternoon and I didn't want to go all the way to the beach which was about forty five minutes away. I went out to a swimming pool instead. It didn't have the sandy shores and salty waves but it was the closest thing I could get. Haha. Anyways, my post title is based on the song "Wasted Daylight" by Stars. I first heard it on Skins, one of my fave tv series. I haven't really been posting much about the kind of music I listen to so here's an idea on what kind of music I like.

These hair flip pictures aren't me by the way. Hahaha. These are photos of Oshin, and it took about three tries to get good ones thanks to my handy Casio that can shoot 30 fps. 

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