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    If you haven't heard of it yet, I would like to invite all of you to join the 30 Day Snap project. All you have to do is take one picture a day for the whole month of June. This isn't just for people who have a blog! You can post your 30 day project on Facebook, Instagram or any other social platforms. There are already so many bloggers out there joining the project and I hope more people can share their photos other than the Sprinkle of Glitter community. 

    This project was created by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. You can read the original post here. This is a really great way for people to meet new blogger friends and stretch our creativity. Let me know if you wanna take part in the comments. I would love to check out your first snapshot tomorrow x
  • UAE APRIL 2011 PART 2

    UAE APRIL 2011 PART 2

    Second part of my UAE trip was in Abu Dhabi! From Dubai, we took a bus to Abu Dhabi which took about an hour and a half.

    Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi:

    This is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. It's also the eighth largest mosque in the world. It is such a huge structure covered in gleaming white marble! You can enter the mosque as a tourist. But women have to wear an Abaya. You can rent one for free inside the mosque.

    The mosque has seven chandeliers imported from Germany that incorporate millions of Swarovski crystals. The largest chandelier in the mosque is the third largest in the world. 

    The interior design of the mosque is just as beautiful as the outside. The columns and domes are decorated with 24 karat gold. 


    Below is a photo of an Adhan. It's a prayer clock the Muslims use. They have ten of those in the mosque. It shows them the different prayer times. 

    Heritage Village:

    Heritage Village is a living exhibition of Bedouin and other cultures. It's sort of like a museum. There's a beautiful garden to stroll around in. There are a lot of typical UAE souvenirs for sale. There's henna painting, camel riding and some of the little craft shops are also worth a look.

    My next stop is definitely something the car fanatics would love...

    Ferrari World:

    Ferrari World is the largest indoor amusement park. They have about 20 rides. I was too scared to ride the Formula Rossa. After all, it is the world's fastest roller coaster. I rode the Fiorano GT Challenge instead since it was less scary. Hahaha. 

    More on my UAE experience in my next posts! xx
  • UAE APRIL 2011 PART 1

    UAE APRIL 2011 PART 1

    This summer I was expecting so much travel and adventures in new places but then I was so disappointed because the only place we traveled to was Singapore. Since I can't share with you any new places I've explored, let me just post some photos of my earlier travels. So here's a throwback post on my trip to Dubai two years ago.

    Dubai Museum:

    Al Seef Water Taxi Station:

    We took the water taxi to go somewhere. I think we went to the market. I really can't remember since this was so long ago. It was such a long time ago that I still had my braces on. Hahaha. 

    The Palace Downtown Dubai:


    After visiting The Palace Downtown, we went to another palace...

    Zabeel Palace:

    We went to the ruler's palace. Of course I didn't get to go in the actual palace. The poor commoners that we are, we only got to see it from the outside. Hahaha. 

    Peacocks roam freely outside of the palace, home of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. 

    Atlantis, The Palm:

    We had lunch at the Atlantis Resort. Then we got to roam around the resort afterwards to see the different attractions they had. They had the Lost Chambers aquarium, Aquaventure waterpark, and so much more. 

    Dubai's so rich, they even have gold ATM's! 

    Burj Al Arab:

    The Burj Al Arab is probably one of the most famous structures of Dubai. It's the first seven-star hotel in the world. It's also the 4th tallest hotel in the world. The shape of the structure is supposed to look like the sail of a ship. 

    To be continued in my future posts! xx


    We went to Best Western Resort yesterday in Cordova. It was so hot... too hot for me to swim so I decided not to. I was so ready to get into the water but then aside from the heat, I didn't swim since nobody would swim with me. Hahaha. The beach wasn't that good though, people just swim in the pool there. The shore was so rocky and it didn't have fine white sand. But the view still looks pretty good, doesn't it?

    I don't know why I like this photo. The blurriness wasn't intentional, it was actually because of my foggy lens since the room was so cold.

    I told you I was so ready to swim, I already had my bikini on underneath the whole time I was there. Hahaha.

    The place was great. The resort has 58 guest rooms with its own private balcony and they all have a view of the sea. It's not that pricey either. For day use of the resort, it only costs Php250 (US $6). I'll definitely go back there soon and maybe I'll finally get to swim when I go there the second time. Hahaha.


           Haven't updated in awhile! I haven't spent any time this week to take outfit shots. I thought that I needed to give this blog an update on what I've been doing lately. And what better way to do that than through Instagram photos?

    Upper (left to right): 
    Beach day! I was sure to put on sunblock so I wouldn't get any more sunburn this summer. 
    Spent the day with Kelsey and her sister, eating and getting massages. 
    Carrie Diaries marathon alone in my room, stuffing myself up with so much chocolate. (don't judge)

    Lower (left to right):
    New in the beauty loot, I'll probably make a separate post on this one soon.
    Outfits I wore this week that I regret not taking outfit shots of. 
    Made rainbow cupcakes earlier which failed miserably because of my annoying brother and cousin.

             I haven't posted any of these photos on my Instagram so I thought I could post them on here instead. I don't know why I didn't post them, I guess I'm just used to using Instagram as a photo editor and not a social medium. Hahaha. And maybe it's also because some of these photos are reposts from other people's accounts. I have been really lazy this past week. I am definitely going to put up "real" blog posts next week. If you don't get what I mean, it's fine (I'm not entirely sure what I mean either. Hahaha!)

    Thanks to myfashiongenie and nastygal makeup!



          When Kelsey and I laid this outfit on my bed, we couldn't get over how cute it was. The colours were so pretty and pastel. And apparently, pastel colours are so me. Anyways, aside from my new love for muscle tanks, I've been buying a lot of skater skirts as well.

        Chains and spikes? Fashion's becoming deadly. A stranger that day even told me that I could seriously hurt someone with my bracelet.

           Initially, I was thinking of wearing heels but we were walking around a lot that day so my gold flats was the better option. I really love how sparkly it is! (This post is getting so girly...)

    Forever 21 lace top, Keep Calm and Shop Online mint skater skirt, Mango chain belt, Aldo flats

    If you wanna see Kelsey's outfit that day, check out her blog here.


    So I'm experimenting with different styles. I don't normally wear an outfit like this but I thought I would give it a shot. It's giving off this preppy and girly side. It's too hot to wear those tights around here though but the colour of my dress is screaming summer.

    This blue ring looks very elegant, doesn't it? I chose my watch with a white strap instead of my usual gold ones because I thought it would be a better match to the yellow dress. What do you think? 

    I do apologize for my terrible nails. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to get a manicure!

    I've actually worn this dress before. But it's such a shame to only wear it once. The only time I've worn it was when nobody I knew would see me. The picture below was taken at the Piazza di Spagna from  my trip to Rome last year. I wore black flats then. My feet would die wearing pumps all day!

    Hype this look on lookbook!

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