After our first day in Vientiane, we flew to Luang Prabang the next morning. This place was my favorite part of the trip. You should definitely stop by Luang Prabang if ever you go to Laos. I wouldn't even mind skipping Vientiane altogether because there weren't as many things to do there. From waterfalls to caves to amazing Lao food, Luang Prabang had it all. After checking in our hotel, we got on a boat to the Pak Ou caves. The ride was about two hours. But before we got to the caves, we stopped by a rice wine village called Xang Hai village.

    Look at this cute little guy we met at the village!

    Finally, we arrived in Pak Ou caves. This was the view from the top.

    These caves are packed with over 4000 buddha statues. They're divided into two, the Tham Ting (lower caves) and the Tham Theung (upper caves). The climb up the upper caves was actually pretty exhausting.

    The boat ride back to Luang Prabang.

    We had dinner in Tamarind that night. And it was by far one of the most amazing meals I've had. It's also a great place to experience an introduction to Lao cuisine. The waiters even explain everything you have on your plate when they serve it to you. You should definitely have a meal there if ever you'll be in Laos!

    Sampler food platter (sausage, khai pene [river moss], buffalo jerky)

    Purple Sticky Rice for dessert (my fave!)

    Our second day in Luang Prabang was spent in Kuang Si Park. They had a bear rescue center by Free The Bears that had over 20 bears.

    Then we went to the beautiful Kuang Si Waterfalls.

    Lastly, we roamed around the city to explore the temples and markets. We found this delicious Lao coconut cake called, khao nom kok. It was soooo good. It's really nice and creamy on the inside. One of my favorites!

    After two days in Luang Prabang, we took the overnight bus back to Vientiane. Luang Prabang was definitely the highlight of our trip. It was such a lovely and quiet city, with a colonial charm.

    xx Steph


    1. What it looks amazing there, great photos

    2. The waterfall is breathtaking. Glad you had so much fun

      Tega Enai

    3. www.bingyourstyle.com
      wow this is screaming EXPERIENCE, so so so so so so awesome, i would love to experience something like this,xoxo BING.


    4. Love the places you visit, you really bring them to life!! The food looks so jummy :-)!!!
      xx Selina
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